Birding is one of my more recently acquired hobbies.  I find it to be an excellent motivation to develop patience and observation skills.  Along the way in your birding journeys, you will encounter many people, problems and perspectives. This is a hobby where the scientific, the material and the spiritual all come together, where you alternately see each bird as a separate entity to be identified and checked off, yet you can never ignore the biosphere as a whole.

Birding in Chiloquin

Wes's Bird Photo Gallery--my NEW hobby

Costa's Hummingbird in Chiloquin--photos

Three Field Guides--a review of the most popular birding field guides

Novice Adventures in Birding--an essay

Accounts--special birds that have come my way

(This year, I'm experimenting with using Shutterfly for my annual holiday photo cards.)


Klamath Basin Bird News--our local Google Group for bird sightings growing database of bird sightings from the West, where I send my data of mailing list archives and articles
Klamath Basin Birding Trail
Oregon Field Ornithologists
National Audubon Society
American Birding Association
Birdsource--Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

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